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    Mason City Ia Nov 22 - 1915

    Dear Will & all.

    I have put writing some day more Then I had expected different thing Saterday I went To Chapin as pall barrer Mrs Tyler died. have been geting ready for Winter - Well about our Tripp. We made a party of 21 To Washington from Mason City It rained all the way To Pittsburg. after crossing the mountians the weather cleared and was like another cliamate. no sign of frost. Penn & Maryland was rough & rockety. Going threw the Tunels and Hills is fine scerenery. B. & 0 have 4 tracks R.R runs along the alligani River & Cannel a good many miles. Stopted 15 minutes at Harpers Ferry. Saw John Brown monument & 5 Tabblets where The fight and capture was. Soon after arrived in Washington. As we got of the Train People said, The Iowa farmers are Coming. We stoped at 12 & A st. East of Capital Front. a room for three $2.55 per day. About 500 feet from Capital Building, East. We visited around Capital Building. Library. The next day we Took a Touring car. After dinner went to The Washington Monument and Publice Gardens. Pennsylvina Ave is 160 feet wide. 1 1/4 miles long. We marched Wednesday lasted from 10 untill Two O.clock. Went to the museums & Gardens on thursday morning, Shook hand with the President [Wilson] in the afternoon. Went To The Pension office in eve. They entertained each eve. Friday rained untill 11. visited The Tribune office. And Bought Rubbers some of the party. Was at Smithoin. Saw Rawlins statute. and part of Rosevelts Gifts of amiaels. Its a great Job To go Threw. Takes Time To see much. The ingraveing Building Saw them making Postage stamps 90 million a day & $10.00 Bills. We left Saturday eve on the Boat down the Potomac river I could Talk this better then write it We went to Washington Toomb 15 miles from Washington and back To Arllington Hights on the Streetcars. That was a fine Tripp We arrived in Norfolk at 9.O clock Sunday morning. The day was fine & warm. Darkeys Galor. Expected to go on liner. But no ship untill Monday eve at 7. So we Took a street car. The party then was 10. To Virginia Beach 18 miles. The Trees & sights was fine. The Tide watter coming in. They raise 4 crops of Garden Truck a year. The navy yard is across the river Portsmouth. Ferry Boat not as much To see as we expected. Not allowed in the buildings They had a parck of war relics very old ships and new submarine To German ships interned. We Took ship for N.Y. 8 Oclock loaded with Cotton Tobaco. Sacks of Garden stuff & Peanuts for N.Y. market. 15 miles then out to Sea. Two of the girles got sick. That was all affected. It was a fine Tripp. Landed in New York in a rain 30 hours on Water. 4 days visit. Was in the Parks. River drive in Gen Grants Toomb saw the Hudson River And fine residence part of the City. We put up at Van Resselaer 5. ave. Here The party devided. We went to Boston by Rail. Got their at 8 in eve. Put up at U.S. Hotel. left next morning on the Elevated. And Took Breakfast in Chelsea put up at The Chelsea House and walked over the Charlestown Bridge Climed The steps at Bunker Hill stayed about 2 hours. Took a street car back Threw Chelsea to Revere Beach. Visited G.A.R.[Grand Army of the Republic] Hall 3 or 4 Times meet old settlers. Found the old house New it at first sight has 3 chimneys No. 62 on the front Door. Italians live in the house. I asked To go in and They said yest. A Girl 16 had water all over the floor Brooming out I opened the oven and looked in it looked as good new. and Copper Boiler built in The chimney wall. The pump and Trees all Gone. I found after a good Deal of Trouble a family named Howard one daughter married C.Tilden 3 years older Them myself. On Sagamore ave visited second Time She wished To see pictures we had. Chelsea is 41000 one Third Jews. Fire 8 years ago made a Great change & lose. Plenty of Boose. Went over To Boston Sunday To the Paul Revere Church. Kings Chapel North church. South Church. State House new and old Common Public Garadens. Market Fanniel Hall. Warfs Fishmarket. Saw a fish 950 pounds. The market is 7000 feet long streets crowed & Packed I could have stayed Two weeks. Live lobersters Big Bushel crabs. Very odd shipted fish Emence flocks of Pigdeons in the Parks. The Maine Tripp was fine 300 miles north of Boston Road all day from 8 untill 4. Oclock. Mother stood The Tamp fine. Rebecca complined of her Back. We found about Twenty Cousins of all Kinds. Road in auto 5 miles To the farm place Mr. A. Phinney his wife & I are first cousins They have 2 daughters about 22 years old Frank Y is 55 years. Has 15 acres. is Forman in a pulp mill paper Factory work 300 men make paper out of wood. Ed. Yelland is a Carpenter in Bangor 2 children = we expect To see you all latter

    A Yelland

    We can show you pictures papers. Book pebbels (?) & newspapers of Chelsea before and after the fire. We will see you latter. Do you see much of Ralph [Richardson, husband of Albert's deceased daughter Cora]. We planted Tulips on the Grave Ralph sent down. Cannary Birds are here for awhile. Noel [Will's son] aught to have had That Tripp we have a little snow. The weather changed 5 [degrees] Today is 38 above Is like rain. Emma Klippel [niece in Britt, Ia.] Is Got Consumption no one allowed To visit her. Have not been to Corwith yet. The baby is fine Emery Star [grandson, son of Sherman Yelland] just came from Manley all well. write soon

    Our love To you all

    A. Yelland

    Will Ensign died suddenly 59 years


    Transcribed by Isabel Yelland Denham who writes: The original is in Duane Yelland's file. The trip to Washington D.C. described in this letter was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the end of the Civil War. Albert Yelland, his wife Isabel, and daughter Rebecca travelled with others from Mason City. I have kept the spelling and punctuation as near the original as possible.

    Owner/SourceIsabel Denham (nee Yelland)
    Linked toAlbert YELLAND; John William YELLAND

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