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    Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

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    Address, Village, Town or City : Latitude: 51.48131440979926, Longitude: -3.180469572544098


    Matches 1 to 52 of 52

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 CHITTENDEN, Ethel Louisa  1886Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P32129
    2 COLLIER, Eric  Abt 1898Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P11151
    3 COLLIER, Isaac Harry Newton  1898Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P14205
    4 COLLIER, Marion Patricia  27 Jul 1931Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P25396
    5 COLLIER, Mildred Annie  1 Sep 1904Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P2089
    6 COLLIER, Runnells Truscott  1899Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P11152
    7 COLLIER, William John  1902Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P14206
    8 DUNKLEY, Ellen  23 Jul 1884Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16340
    9 HEMINGWAY, Annice Lavinia  1883Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16339
    10 HEMINGWAY, Annie  1869Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16334
    11 HEMINGWAY, Betty  1871Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16335
    12 HEMINGWAY, Charles Truscott  1862Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16331
    13 HEMINGWAY, Elfrida Sophia  1877Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P18156
    14 HEMINGWAY, Frances Louisa  1876Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16337
    15 HEMINGWAY, Frank  2 Nov 1912Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16341
    16 HEMINGWAY, John  Abt 1866Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16333
    17 HEMINGWAY, Mary Sophia  14 Jun 1858Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16330
    18 HEMINGWAY, Phillis Truscott  1879Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16338
    19 HEMINGWAY, Robert  22 Dec 1860Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16329
    20 HEMMINGWAY, Robert  Abt 1915Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16342
    21 HOPWOOD, Dora  1894Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P31066
    22 HOWELLS, Annie  1878Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P22393
    23 IVES, William Alma  11 Feb 1905Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P15902
    24 JONES, Florence Adelaide Mary Annie  1862Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16317
    25 JONES, Georgiana Truscott  31 Oct 1866Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16319
    26 MORGAN, Emily  Abt 1884Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16344
    27 MORSE, Hubert Edward M.  26 Sep 1923Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16838
    28 MULLINS, Stanley Whitfield  3 Sep 1913Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P32945
    29 PINE, Alice  22 Oct 1892Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P32943
    30 RICHARDS, Alice Christiana May  1898Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P6269
    31 RICHARDS, Ernest William Llewellyn  1893Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P6267
    32 RICHARDS, Henry Horace Dyllwyn  8 Aug 1896Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P6268
    33 SAUNDERS, Rita Doris Sarah   P14191
    34 STEPHENS, Alice Georgina  8 Feb 1920Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P32944
    35 STEPHENS, Edward George Harry  8 Jun 1893Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P32942
    36 STEPHENS, George Arthur  1898Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P32948
    37 STEPHENS, Mary Matilda A. G.  1904Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P32949
    38 STEPHENS, William Arthur G. B.  1909Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P32950
    39 TRANTER, Alison S.   P14196
    40 TRANTER, Susan Rita   P14192
    41 TRANTER, William Arthur   P14190
    42 TRUSCOTT, Catherine Louisa Alberta  22 May 1855Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P9072
    43 TRUSCOTT, Charles Frederick  Abt 1847Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16327
    44 TRUSCOTT, Frances Anne  Abt 1848Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16325
    45 TRUSCOTT, Ivy Emily  1901Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P31063
    46 TRUSCOTT, Lavinia Jane Granville  Abt 1851Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16326
    47 TRUSCOTT, May Lilian  1901Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P31062
    48 TRUSCOTT, Robert Reynolds  1904Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P31064
    49 TRUSCOTT, Violet Beatrice  1899Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P31061
    50 WHITE, Charlie  Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P25663
    51 WYBRON, Alfred George  1900Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P6273
    52 WYBRON, Henry John  1901Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P6274


    Matches 1 to 12 of 12

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died:    Person ID 
    1 COLLIER, Mildred Annie  20 May 1996Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P2089
    2 HEMINGWAY, Frank  28 Nov 1988Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16341
    3 HEMINGWAY, Robert  15 Jul 1939Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16329
    4 JONES, Georgiana Truscott  Abt 1957Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16319
    5 MULLINS, Stanley Whitfield  2 Jun 2008Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P32945
    6 SAMPSON, Frederick  Abt 1912Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16320
    7 SANDERS, Jane  24 Apr 1887Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P2670
    8 STEPHENS, Edward George Harry  6 Jan 1955Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P32942
    9 TRANTER, Arthur  31 Dec 1972Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P14189
    10 TRUSCOTT, Charles Frederick  Abt 1847Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16327
    11 TRUSCOTT, Frances Anne  Abt 1848Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16325
    12 TRUSCOTT, Lavinia Jane Granville  Abt 1851Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales P16326


    Matches 1 to 8 of 8

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 GILL / TRUSCOTT  10 Oct 1875Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F4496
    2 HEMINGWAY / DUNKLEY  8 Sep 1906Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F4777
    3 HEMINGWAY / TRUSCOTT  30 May 1857Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F4776
    4 JONES / TRUSCOTT  16 Nov 1861Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F4774
    5 SAMPSON / JONES  4 Jul 1885Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F4775
    6 STEPHENS / FOWLER   28 Dec 1891Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F9785
    7 TRANTER / COATES  1 Jan 1966Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F4173
    8 TRANTER / COLLIER  25 Dec 1926Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F279

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