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    11801 Phillimore Marriage records of Little Petherick, Cornwall. Exeter Transcripts
    27 Jul 1685 John PENALLIGAN married Thomasine, daughter of William YELLAND of St.Stephen-in-Brannel 
    Family F2276
    11802 Previously married 1829 to Nicholas Pascoe.  hooper P30141 PEARCE, Elizabeth (P30141)
    11803 Registered as Annie Irene hooper P31635 HAMBLY, Annie Eileen (P31635)
    11804 Registered as Mary Ann Hosking Hill hooper P31902 HILL, Mary Jane Hosking (P31902)
    11805 Living person - Personal details withheld hooper P22316 SARA, Lorna Jane (P22316)
    11806 Richard died after a mining accident which happened on 3 May 1881. When the face of a drive collapsed he sustained a compound fracture to the left ankle and a fracture to the right leg. He also had bruising to the thighs and suffered from shock. His left leg was subsequently amputated. After the amputation he was comfortable but suddenly got worse and died on 17 May 1881. hooper P29623 TRETHEWEY, Richard (P29623)
    11807 Robert died after falling from a sacking platform at the United Grain Growers warehouse in Harrington, WA. He had been a warehouse foreman and had been employed by Harrington UGG for 27 years.  hooper P22703 PARR, Robert Edward (P22703)
    11808 Separated 1876 hooper Family F2871
    11809 Should be 1841 hooper P21426 LIDDICOAT, Florence (P21426)
    11810 St.Columb Bible Christian hooper P21423 LIDDICOAT, Silas (P21423)
    11811 Stillborn hooper P26109 EVERETT, Richard (P26109)
    11812 Stillborn hooper P27869 RANKINE, Gail Jean (stillborn) (P27869)
    11813 Stillborn hooper P30349 SMITH, Joanna (P30349)
    11814 The WHERRY Family Bible gives the following: Frederick DUNGEY born 18th February 1863 in Trewoon. Mother Amelia. Father is named as James HANCOCK. However, the name James is later crossed out and the name John inserted above. hooper P33512 HANCOCK, James/John (P33512)
    11815 Thelma in the birth index hooper P20283 BOYLE, Eleanor Thelma (P20283)
    11816 There is no baptism recorded for Mary but she is mentioned in the will of her father William hooper P6748 WELLINGTON, Mary (P6748)
    11817 This is according to her death certificate but more likely to be 2 Jun 1826 hooper P6001 BULLEN, Dinah (P6001)
    11818 This is probably John Henry - see notes below hooper P26299 TRETHEWEY, Emma (P26299)
    11819 Twins were baptised as Ann and Elizabeth Rowett. Ann called herself Ann Elizabeth and married Richard Yelland. Elizabeth called herself Elizabeth Ann and married John Soady. hooper P2553 ROWETT, Ann (P2553)
    11820 Unable to identify correct burial  hooper P7407 YELLAND, Thomas (P7407)
    11821 Unable to identify correct burial hooper P180 YELLAND, Thomas (P180)
    11822 Unable to identify correct burial hooper P6461 YELLAND, Thomas (P6461)
    11823 Unable to identify correct burial hooper P907 YELLAND, Thomas (P907)
    11824 Unable to identify correct burial hooper P1538 YELLAND, Thomas (P1538)
    11825 Widow hooper P33118 BREWER, Grace (P33118)

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